KathNiel’s New Path – Navigating the Aftermath of Bernardo and Padilla’s Breakup

KathNiel’s Disclosure: From Beginning to End

Gossip about KathNiel Spreads in SocMed


Kathniel Timeline In Film Industry

KathNiel love team was one of the most popular and successful tandems in Philippine showbiz. Their journey in the film industry began in 2011 when they were paired as the lead stars in the teen series “Growing Up”. Their undeniable chemistry and captivating performances quickly captured the hearts of viewers, establishing them as a rising force in the industry.

Throughout the years, KathNiel has starred in numerous blockbuster films and television series, showcasing their versatility and acting prowess. Their on-screen romance has resonated with audiences, making them one of the most beloved love teams of their generation.

The Hows of Us (2018)


Can’t Help Falling in Love (2017)

KathNiel Can't Help

Barcelona: A Love Untold (2016)


Crazy Beautiful You (2015)

She’s Dating the Gangster (2014)

Pagpag: Siyam na Buhay (2013)

Must Be… Love (2013)

Sisterakas (2012)

24/7 in Love (2012)

KathNiel: Maturing On-Screen and Off-Screen

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Who are KathNiel?

KathNiel refers to the popular Filipino showbiz tandem Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. They are known for their on-screen chemistry and have been featured in various television shows and films together.

When did KathNiel start their on-screen partnership?

KathNiel began their on-screen partnership in the television series “Growing Up,” which aired in 2011. Since then, they have worked together in several successful projects.

Did Kathniel break up?

Yes, as of November 30, 2023, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla officially announced the end of their romantic relationship.

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